Tungsten Cyclops Beads 2.0mm




25 Beads per pack. Tungsten Cyclops beads are especially designed beads for fly tyers. Unlike jewelers beads or hobby beads which have the same hole size on both ends, cyclops beads are counter-bored larger on
one side so that they can be more easily placed on a hook.  If you've struggled with regular beads, you owe it to yourself to try a cyclops bead! You'll never go back to the old beads again.


It can´t be helped, but trout and most fish mostly feed on nymphs and aquatics that live in the water, not on the surface. If you want to angle effectively near the bottom in a deep, powerful stream or river or get deeper in a lake how do you quickly get the fly down deep? In the summer, the only way to reach trout that head for cooler water in the deeper pools is to get the fly down to where they are.

The problem how to get the fly into depth fast is fairly obvious.
Tungsten is about 70% heavier than lead and is more than twice as heavy than brass. Furthermore (and more importantly to us), it is non-toxic, therefore more friendly to the environment.