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CDC Feathers by Hends, Dohuki and Czech Republic. Essential fly tying material. Great prices. Huge color range select CDC (Cul-De-Canard) feather 1g & 3g

Cul de canard (CDC) (French for “duck bottom”) are the feathers from the back of a duck directly around the preen gland (uropygial gland); they are very buoyant due to preen oil produced by the preen gland. They are used when tying dry flies for fly fishing. They owe their buoyancy to their proximity to the ducks preen gland which secretes an oil distributed by the duck as a cleaning and waterproofing measure. It is unnecessary for the angler to add additional oil by way of floatant.

CDC feathers were first used in fly tying in the 1920s in Switzerland with the two famous flies “Mouche de Vallorbe” and “Moustique du Jura”. In recent years the use of CDC has increased greatly, and we now use this superb material in all kinds of flies from dry flies and emergers to nymphs and streamers.




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