ACE – CF Polyester Thread – Germany

ACE – CF Polyester Thread – Germany


ACE Fly Tying Thread

Introducing a new Flyfinz product – ACE which is a CF Polyester fly tying thread, produced in Germany.

The new thread is available in 4 Denier/Aught sizes and a range of the 6 most required colours. Please refer to the specification table below.

It is key to note that this thread CF Polyester. CF meaning – Continuous Filament which is much stronger than other tying threads such as Spun or Bonded which are more commonly available and possibly on your tying bobbin now. Spun and Bonded tying threads are manufactured using shorter lengths (staple lengths) of raw fibre, spun together. These thread types can be uneven, less smooth and have less break strength due to the shorter staple. By comparison CF fly tying thread is a multitude of continuous filaments of polyester spun together to create a smooth continuous product which is highly desirable to Fly Tyers.

ACE Fly Tying Thread can be untwisted to enable a flattening on the hook shaft and can be split for fine, small hook dubbing.

Denier  Ort Break Strain Hook Size
70 15/0 726gm 1.2lb 18-22
80 8/0 800gm 1.6lb 14-18
105 6/0 1060gm 2.4lb 8-14
165 3/0 1680gm 3.7lb 1/0 – 6
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Additional information

Thread Size

15/0, 3/0, 6/0, 8/0

Thread Colour

Beige, Black, Claret, Drk Brown, Grey, White