Beads – Jig Off Set 2.8mm


Tear drop shaped with an eccentric hole (at the top). Suitable for most hooks !!
This helps the fly to behave like a fly prepared on a standard jig shaped hook. Because the weight is off set, hooks invert during drift and reliably turn the fly upside down which reduces snagging on sub surface materials.
Heavier than convention countersunk or slotted beads. The beads are weighted at the bottom so will always turn your fly to that position. Allowing the fly tier to create flies that will ride hook point up.
For this reason the hook will stay with the tip up and behave like a standard bead headed Jig hook.

Packs of 25 pieces

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Beads - Jig Off Set

Fluro Orange, Metalic PInk, Black Nickel, Copper, Gold, Silver