Soldarini S Power Flurocarbon Tippet

Soldarini S Power Flurocarbon Tippet


50 Meter Spool – The S-Power Fluorocarbon, specially designed for fly fishing, is produced with the latest generation technology, which allows to obtain a pure fluorocarbon, much softer than conventional, featuring a superior know strength and the lowest light refraction, making it almost invisible when submerged in water. This new technology allows are more natural presentation, making it the best choice for all fly fishing techniques.

Size Diameter Break Strain Spool Length
inch mm lb kg Yrds Metre
6x 0.005 0.125 4.85 2.2 50 46
7x 0.004 0.104 7.76 3.52 50 46
8x 0.003 0.084 11.18 5.07 50 46
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