Stroft FCT Fluorocarbon Tippet

Stroft FCT Fluorocarbon Tippet


Stroft FC1 has an exceptionally high knot strength and the highest breaking strains that the EFTTA have as yet been able to confirm for lines made from 100% fluorocarbon.

Stroft have paid particular attention to the sensitivity and feed-back as well as the resistance to abrasion. Peak performance can be expected in both these properties, even though the line can not be classed as particularly hard, they have low elasticity and are best described as being supple and tough.

Colour: crystal clear

Diameter Break Strain Spool Length
inch mm lb kg Yrds Metre
4.5X 0.007 0.181 6.4 2.9 27.3 25
5X 0.006 0.160 5.1 2.5 27.3 25
6X 0.005 0.140 4.1 1.9 27.3 25
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4.5x, 5x, 6x