Stroft GTM Mono Leaders

Stroft GTM Mono Leaders


STROFT GTM Degressively Tapered Leaders – 1 per pack

Knotless, Unique degressively tapered fly-fishing leaders with best possible turn-over properties, practically imperceptible to fish with the greatest knot strength, highest breaking strain, and optimum shock absorption.

Made of Stroft GTM Nylon material for highest performance.

They are Absolutely smooth! with absolutely no coiling or memory – quite incredible!

Size Tip Diam mm Butt Diam  mm Break Str lb Break Str kg Length
4x 0.178 0.520 6.4 2.9 9ft
5x 0.152 0.540 4.8 2.2 9ft
6x 0.127 0.560 3.5 1.6 9ft

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Leader Strength

4X, 5X, 6X