Varivas Specialist Dry Leaders – Japan

Varivas Specialist Dry Leaders – Japan


Varivas Tapered Leaders are the ultimate in knotless leaders for the discerning fly-fisher. They provide the ideal solution to specialist fly fishing situations. Varivas takes a different approach to other manufacturers by designing each different leader for its own specific application … giving the fly-fisher the optimal taper profile to best suit the situation, produced with its taper ratios always in proportion to leader length. ALL VARIVAS TAPERED LEADERS are “Resin Coated” and “Non-Stress Coated” to insure low memory, abrasion and water resistance, and prolonged life for both fresh and salt water applications.

Available in 9 and 12 foot leaders in 4x to 7x weights. With 50% butt, 20% taper and 30% point this configuration provides a fine supple butt, super long point ideal for delicate presentation. Colour – Pale Green

Size Tip Diam mm Butt Diam  mm Break Str lb Break Str kg Length
4X 0.180 0.439 6.4 2.72 9ft
5X 0.130 0.312 4.4 1.96 9 & 12ft
6X 0.129 0.439 3.4 1.54 9 & 12ft
7X 0.099 0.439 2.4 1.09 9 ft
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Leader Strength

4X, 5X, 6X, 7X

Leader Length

12 ft, 9 ft