FLYFINZ – Net Holster / Accessory Belt

FLYFINZ – Net Holster / Accessory Belt


Carrying your net does not have to be difficult or located in one spot.

The Flyfinz Net Holster / Accessory belt addresses this need.

The belt strap can be adjusted to secure most  net handles,, wading staff or any particular  item you may wish to carry and have a quick release system that works !! . Fully adjustable , simple and easy  to clip onto a wading belt or trouser  belt, the Flyfinz Net Holster / Accessory Belt will be a great addition to your fishing apparel.

You do not have to attach a landing net to a “ D “  ring on the back of your vest or shirt.

You do not have to wear a vest !! to specifically carry a net.

Light aluminium construction, approx 41 grams total weight, the belt buckle measures 7.5cm by 8.5cm  with a belt  strap of approx 18cm.

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