Semperfli Straggle String Micro Chenille

Semperfli Straggle String Micro Chenille


Specially designed micro chenille with just 2 micro bonded cores and a 4mm wide hackle intertwined with UV Flecks. In an amazing array of colours both natural and Fluorescent it is used by professional tyers world wide.

52 Colours to choose from  !!  6 meters per spool makes it an economical tying material to have on hand.

Hans van Klinken now uses Straggle String as an alternative to Peacock Herl

Straggle String can be used in the single colours or twist multiple colours together for superb effects.

Available in single colour spools or as a multicard with 10 colours in three colour themes (Natural / Standard / Steelhead) listed separately

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Semperfli Straggle String

Amethyst 8650, Biege 1500, Black 0050, Brown 2200, Brown Olive 5300, Camel 2250, Cobalt 9500, Copper Brown 2050, Dark Claret 3200, Dark Green Olive 6100, Dark Pink 8300, Dark Red 3350, Dirty Purple 8400, FL Dark Pink 8350FL, Fl Orange 4150FL, FL Pale Pink 8000, Fl Yellow 5150, Fluro Red, Green Olive 6050, Grey 0450, Insect Green Olive 6250, Iron Blue 0300, Iron Grey 3000, Kingfisher 7550, Leaf Green 7300, Lichen, Maroon 3050, Mustard 5200, Olive 6150, Orange 4450, Orange Sunburst 5450, Pale Blue Dun 1350, Pale Grey 0400, Pale Olive 6200, Peacock Green 7000, Plum 4400, Purple 10600, Red 3300, Rhyacphila FL Green 7250, Ruby 8600, Sage 7800, Sapphire 9750, Sky Blue 9150, White 1000, Winbledon Yellow 5500FL