Water Shed – Water Proofing Liquid

Water Shed – Water Proofing Liquid


Watershed is a permanent waterproofing agent for flies, materials, dubbing, feathers, yarns, leaders, braided loops and fly lines.

Care Watershed must be applied as per instructions and allowed to dry before use.

Key features include:

  • Watershed will not leave oil rings or residues of any kind on the water surface
  • Watershed will not change colours or the texture of tying materials
  • Watershed is completely odorless and colourless.
  • Floatability is notaffected in any way by fish or weed slime.
  • Can be applies directly or dabbed on with fingers. One drop is all that is needed to pre-treat your flies.

When cured, Watershed has a specific gravity lower than water and will make virtually any dry fly material float like a cork. In tests conducted by Hareline Dubbin, few if any dry fly materials were found which did not float for days on end.

Instruction for use – simply add a drop to your flies, materials, lines, leaders, tippets (  we apply Watershed with a small craft art brush ) .

Allow to dry 24 hours. Watershed is a pre-treatment and must be applied to dry materials or Watershed will not cure and waterproof properly.

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