Stomach Pump – FlyRite

Stomach Pump – FlyRite


Take the guesswork out of “matching the hatch” – use this Fly-Rite® Stomach Pump to be sure you’re using the right fly. The flies in the air are not always the ones on which the trout are feeding. Nothing is more frustrating than having feeding fish ignore your fly. Pump your first fish and find out exactly the fly on which the fish are feeding. The stomach contents are not messy, and the flies are easy to recognize.

  • Small taper diameter won’t injure fish
  • Metal pen clip
  • Easy to use

·       Fill the bulb full of water

·      Cradle the trout gently upside down

·      Slide the tube into the trout’s mouth and squeeze out the water before sliding it down the fish’s throat.

·      Keep the bulb depressed while you gently slide the pump into the fish’s throat. Stop when you feel resistance.

·     .Let go of the bulb and slide the pump back out. The contents will come with it.

Pump measures approx 180mm.


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